Need to go on a diet

Given the weight I have gained and lost in my lifetime, I calculate I have cloned myself six times. The old method of starving myself for a period of time no longer works. If I go two days (even one) without eating I’m ready to kill someone. Exercise wise I’ve aged ten years in the last two. Walking never was attractive. I used to like to hit golf balls but no more. I watch racquetball and know I can beat seventy five percent of everyone I see playing, but I don’t have the desire to buy the equipment and play. Same thing goes for tennis.

I’m writing this to kick myself in the butt and get started on the seventh clone. I think he will be a little skinny but should not have any trouble getting up to a hundred pounds. I’n sitting outside Buffalo Wild Wings writing this. Fortunately their foods sucks so I have little temptation tonight. Only two more hours and then this ordeal is over.

Thank you God.

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