Mississippi DHS can’t get out of their own way

My two step grandchildren are in state custody with the two most wonderful foster parents in the world. Placing them with these people is the only thing right DHS has done, possibly in its existance.
They are trying to return the two little girls to a heroin addict father, with no job, who has done two different prison terms for drug offenses. He has failed more drug screens than he passed. He wants his kids so the IRS will continue to give him the $8500 earned income credit he craves. Last year the $8500 went to heroin, speakers for his ride and a hoopty for his wife (my-stepdaughter).
He is required to take drug tests, but always has an excuse that DHS buys for not showing up to test or he has a precription from a doctor for painkillers (opiates) which hide the heroin on the drug tests. The girls are thriving with the foster parents. They are independent, well nourished, receive proper medical care and well-cared for. DHS doesn’t even know their own rules. They say one thing and then do another. I’ve been sober 25 years and took a drug test along with three care-givers – two parents and a paternal grandparents. I was the only one who passed and this didn’t seem to bother DHS at all and still doesn’t. Why did we all take the test? to show that the kids were in danger and do nothing? How do you parent a two year old and a one year old under the influence of opiates, whether legally prescribed or not? Heroin addiction always ends the same way. Hopefully his addiction will end before DHS returns the children to him.

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